A Shortcut to Longboarding

A Shortcut to Longboarding

Autor: Lee Ryan

on Sep 23, 13

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A Shortcut To Longboarding Lee Ryan A Shortcut to LongboardingIn der Kategorie “Surfen lernen” und zwar autodidaktisch reiht sich “A Shortcut to Longboarding” nun speziell für diejenigen unter uns die am Longboarden interessiert sind ein.

Lee Ryan ist neumaliger Britischer Longboarding Meister und surft seit ca. 10 Jahren auf der World Tour mit. In seinem Buch “A Shortcut to Longboarding” beschreibt er alles was man rund ums Longboarding wissen muss. Der Autor ist leidenschaftlicher Surfer, und das merkt man in seinem Buch sofort. Es deckt alle wichtigen Themen ab, vom Einstieg bis zu radikalen Manövern, über Surf Fitness bis hin zu Auswahl des richtigen Boards. Das ganze gibt es auf 182 übersichtlich  aufbereitet und die Materie wird einem mit vielen Photos und Illustrationen verdeutlicht. Hier der Text des Autors Lee Ryan über sein Buch:

“Are you new to the sport of longboard surfing and want to fast track your learning program? Or are you a veteran of the sport who needs to iron out some bad habits you have picked up along the way? Either way, I can help you get the most out of your next surf session, so you leave the water with a smile on your face!
I am a former professional longboard surfer who competed on the Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) World Tour for the past 10 years. I have numerous titles to my name, including nine British National Longboard Titles and was ranked in the top 10 in Europe and the top 20 in the world throughout my professional career.
When I was not competing, I coached surfers of all ages and abilities on a one-to-one personal basis to give them my undivided attention and help them achieve their personal goals. I have coached the British and New Zealand Junior Teams at various team training sessions leading up to the European Championships and the ISA World Surfing Games and am now the Coaching Director for Surfing New Zealand.
Surfing often takes me travelling and away from home, so I am not always available to teach on request. With surfing being so reliant on having the right conditions, wind direction, tides, and swell etc., it’s not always possible to have perfect waves to go out in and pass on my skills to students. So I have put all my coaching ideas and tips into this instructional book on longboarding. Therefore, no matter where you are, and whether the waves are 1ft onshore or 6ft offshore, you can have my instructional book full of handy tips to make the most of your next surf session at any time!”
Learn how to improve your jump up, stance and style, walk the board, hang five, hang ten, perform drop knee cutbacks, paddle out in big surf and many more surfing techniques.
You will receive top tips from the world’s best professional longboarders, including 2012 World Champion Taylor Jensen (USA), 2009 World Champion Harley Ingleby (AUS) and 2006 World Champion, Josh Constable (AUS).
Information on board design, fin design, fin placement and choosing a new longboard.
Learn Surfing Etiquette.
Surf Fitness – How to train to be a better surfer. Colourful photos explaining each manoeuvre in detail.
PowerPoint Tutorials breaking down the manoeuvres and make them easier to understand.
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